Saturday, October 12, 2013

Drug #5: Australian Drug Trade.

Australian police seized over 200 million dollars worth of meth that was concealed in the tires of a truck imported from China. Authorities said that the drug was not visible to the naked eye, but did in fact show up on the x-ray, which was enough to cause for a search of the vehicle. Two of the three men were Australian workers from Melbourne. They are being charged with attempt to posses and transport drugs, and could face a maximum sentence of life in prison if they are convicted. The Australian Police say that they have made a significant amount of drug busts in recent months. Authorities believe that Australia is becoming a hot bed for trafficking of drugs due to its strength of local currency and resilience of the national economy compared to other wealthy countries.

Because of Australia's economical strength, there seems to be a sort of magnetic attraction to the country for drug trafficking. The value of 200 million dollars there is worth about 190 million here in the US. Chinese drug smugglers seem to be attracted to this area due to its relative physical location to China, as well as its economic strength. Drug trading is no stranger to Australia from the looks of things and the recent arrests that have been made there. The smugglers managed to hide the drugs in the large tires of trucks, which were showing no signs of alteration, however the x ray machine detected that the tires were full of the drug. It just goes to show that drug trafficking is a large topic across the globe and not here in the US.

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