Sunday, October 13, 2013

Fatal Typhoon Floods Villages in Philippines Blog #4

Since I have covered the Philippines political corruption issues, I will stay there but address the issue of the recent typhoon that destroyed the rice-growing central plains of Luzon. As we all know that hurricanes are out of the hands of human beings but with 2500 people are forced to evacuate, the thought of the $141 million would have come in handy in this time of need. Now with this major rice-growing region torn, I wonder what type of assistance will be offered and how would the natives recover from this on top of the misused funds because 124,000 acres of rice and vegetables are lost. It may not be 100 percent accurate but I thinks that is almost 200 miles of natural resources, lodging and rehabilitation so future earnings would be possible for these areas. One thing that stands out and goes with the political corruption is that this is an area that has over 20 typhoons a year and the capital Manila suffered minimal flooding while 20 villages are under six feet of water. But the article does state that there are poor infrastructure, clogged drainage and water canals. Again I ask, what will the Philippine government do about this and what other countries will assist with the rebuilding efforts. Let's just hope that any money is actually used to develop the rural lands, establish proper evacuations, and construct major highway renovations. Outside of all the problems from above, now we see how it affects the lower social classes.

Sean Odom
3:15 p.m

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