Thursday, October 17, 2013

Blog 6 : Car Bombings in Iraq

Today there were numerous fatal bombing incidents taking place in different areas of Iraq.  First there were six explosions that took place in scattered areas of Baghdad .  The bombings include at least three car bombs and a roadside bomb.  These bombings were responsible for taking the lives of nineteen people and wounding an additional 59 more.  Another car bombing also took place at a refugee compound in the town of Muwafakiya.  This bombing alone caused seventeen lives to be taken and 66 to be wounded.  The impact of this particular bombing caused buildings to collapse and trap victims underneath the rubble.  This means that the death and injury numbers will probably continue to rise as more updates come in.  The compound housed displaced members of the Shiite minority.  Sunni extremist groups such as Al Qaeda have been targeting the Shiite minority in that area in recent months.

This issue also somewhat refers back to an event I have already blogged about.  That would be the violence that has gone on between the Sunni and Shiite Muslims.  These two groups have had their problems in years past but later became able to coexist with one another.  However, recently tensions have rose between the two sects as the Sunni's have tried to protest against the Shiite-led government.  These tensions are causing each sect to go through great lengths to make a point.  These bombings are hate crimes and acts of terrorism.  Of course they are meant to be making a statement, but there are a lot of innocent people who are becoming involved in this dispute due to these actions.  Really the only true cause of these attacks is the fact that both of these religious sects believe they are better than the other.  As if they are two totally different classes and that is far from the case.  They just are yet to realize it.

Kaelin Graham
1:25 pm

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