Thursday, October 17, 2013

Blog 6- Birth Advice by Text Message

Aggrey Otieno, a human rights activist has become the voice and help of pregnant woman around Korogocho one of Kenya’s largest slums. Leaving Korogocho to go to the States through being granted a scholarship in the Ford Foundation he attended Ohio University to get a Masters degree in communications and development and a diploma in African community health. Once coming back home many people in the community looked up to him because he was the only one with a Masters degree. With this is felt it was only right that he try to help this community that raised him. In the slums of his community there was prostitution, drugs and crime and often many people who would become pregnant had no hope or chance because of poverty, transportation, and lack of awareness and instead of a hospital with medical equipment they were stuff with razorblades and cotton wool. Which is where Otieno came up with the idea of having a text alert where if you were sick or in labor you could text a number and it would pop up on a computer where Peter Muguma (one of the doctors) would make arrangements for an ambulance or someone to pick up the woman and take her to the hospital. Through this many lives changed for the better in Korogocho. This was an incredible idea for the fact that many people even in poverty owned cell phones and could text.

This is such a remarkable thing that Otieno did for his community. If not for him wanting to see a change the same thing would be going on till this day, With his degree instead of starting a life in the States he came back to where it all started for him and I think that is so important because in times down people always look forward and only rarely look back at what started them and help it grow. Being a woman I have no idea what I would do in that situation. Living in one of the poorest slums and not having all the abilities to deliver a healthy baby in a hospital is a scary thought. I appreciate Otieno for caring enough to make a way.


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Natalia Alexander

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