Thursday, October 17, 2013

Syria Attacking others?: Blog 6.

 Four men were arrested in West London on October 15th. They are all in their late 20's and drew attention with the mischief being caused. They were arrested on the ground that officials believed they were planning a terrorist attack. The men were of turkish origin, Azerbainjani origin, and of Pakistani origin, however they were all Islamic. The reason authorities believe they began to plan this attack was due to religion. They also now believe the men some how have a relation to Syria. Syria has been in the news lately due to their civil war, using chemical weapons. The chemical weapons factor is supposed to be coming to an end, however progress is slow. The accused terrorists are being detained and questioned. It is unsure if any charges will be pressed. 

Many situations could be possible from these accused terrorists. One, they could possibly be working with the Syrian rebels and be planning on attacking the United Kingdom. This would mean, they could use chemical weapons in other parts of the world other than Syria. A reason why this situation could be possible is because at one point in time the United Kingdom had threatened to intervene in Syria, if the use of chemical weapons was not stopped. If this is the case, then I am sure the United States, and France will jump in to actually further insure Syria to solve its problems by external force. The other situation is these "terrorist" may not be linked to Syria at all. This would mean they were doing it for Islamic purposes. If is it for Islam, this could have potentially became a world trade center like attack on England. The police did stop the four men before anyone, or any property was damaged, all there is to do is to wait and wait for the truth to unveil its self. 

Brianna Hunt 
Oct. 17
5:40 pm.

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