Friday, October 18, 2013

Blog 6: Child Labor in India

     An article from reports that the slavery in the southern Asian nation of India is steadily increasing. According to the source, India is considered as the top nation that has the highest number of its population under poverty and slavery. Additionally, an approximate number of 14 million slaves is documented by an Australian-based campaigner, Walk Free Foundation. In the past years, the international organization responsible for collecting data on slavery called The Global Slavery Index 2013 ranked India as the nation with the highest count of slavery, coming in second is China with 2.9 million, and third is the nation of Pakistan with 2.1 million slaves.
    In addition, the article also reports that in India, a mass number of the reported slaves are underage children. Most of the children work in cotton mills and farms. Other several factors are noted to be responsible for the child slavery count in India are the following: arranged marriage, debt, and human trafficking. According to the labor activist Jignesh Mevani the conditions of the laborers are terrible and they are not even being paid minimum wage.

    It is a sad and unfortunate reality that Indian children are suffering as a result from the lack of jobs that should be available to India's adult citizens. Also, the quality of education that is being offered in Indian schools is not enough to provide support and comfort to impoverish Indian parents. The alarming percentage of children in slavery should be enough to do some action in order to prevent it from continuing.

Trisha May Antonio

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