Friday, October 18, 2013

Blog 6: Global Slavery

There are at least 30 million people living as slaves around the world. The Global Slavery Index has created a list of shame to recognize those countries. India has about fourteen million individuals living as slaves. FOURTEEN MILLION! China has at least 2.9 and Pakistan at least 2.1 million. Other countries on the list were Nigeria, Ethiopia, Russia, Thailand, Myanmar and Democratic Republic. Modern slavery can sometimes be based on colonial conflicts, sex trafficking, child marriages or forced labor. The authors stated that “the reason for conditions of slavery varied country to country but, one constant was that it remained a “hidden problem”.” In some countries slavery is viewed as a cultural and economic practice. On the other hand some countries have high levels of forced marriages and child marriages or trafficked women also known as prostitutes. Theses people can’t just walk away. These individuals are controlled, brainwashed and manipulated through violence. Brazil is one of the leading countries in anti-slavery efforts. Brazil’s goal is to eradicate slavery.

Though slavery was abolished in America it is evident that it still happening in 2013. Slavery is a crime against humanity. Though some of the countries aren’t holding their citizens captive slavery is slavery. Human and sex trafficking is a crime. Forced labor is a crime.  It is understood that many nations, countries or states have not enforced the fact that slavery is a crime. It is an invisible crime, an unspoken crime. This issue makes you question the  government and legal system. For there to be at least 30 million slaves across the world is a major issue. In the article it only spoke of one country try to enforce change which was Brazil. Why is that? It also spoke of two individuals who have been donating at least half their wealth to philanthropic causes. Though these men are pretty rich why are they the only people recognized in the article. Slavery is a big deal and it is a major issue that is not recognized in general or as a crime. It shouldn’t be ignored.

Jasmine Lea

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