Sunday, October 27, 2013

Blog #6 In Syria, Doctors Risk Life and Juggle Ethics

As with the ongoing issues in Syria and their chemical attacks on their own people, now it seems that doctors have to ignore the hypocritical oath as a medical professional with harm to their lives. With 100 people killed and 600 incarcerated for just bringing the attention of the affects of chemical weapons with samples ranging from collected hair and urine samples, clothing, tree leaves, soil and even a dead bird. Why would you intentionally target hospitals and other health care professionals that have educated themselves to help people in need but risk that to help the citizens. Not only they have to factor in the chemical warfare, vaccinations, medicines for heart conditions and diabetics makes the situation more grim. The positive thing out of it is that the group Doctors Without Borders has created makeshift hospitals that are going against the Asad government to provide appropriate healthcare that is needed but is limited to non-toxic conditions. I know its a small number but when 3600 people come in for treatment in twelve hours, this shows that Syrians are desperate for medical attention and how urgent it is for them to have is accessible. It just a great thing to know that outside countries and organizations like Doctors Without Borders, Center for Strategic and International Studies and United States Secretary of State John Kerry are willing to go against the grain to provide services but hopefully the United Nations will mandate Syria to protect doctors security and adequate healthcare to Syrians who are suffering chemically and genetically.

Sean Odom
2:23 p.m.

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