Saturday, October 26, 2013

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There are seven companies that do not support gay rights. These seven companies are Chick-fil-A, Urban Outfitters, Exxon, The Salvation Army, Purina, Boy Scouts of America, and Cracker Barrel. Dan Cathy, Chick-fil-A's CEO came out publicly about his disagreements with LGBT rights. However, Dan Cathy is still a supporter if the family, if you are speaking of the family in a traditional way. Urban outfitters is not only against LGBT rights, but also only has two women on their board of directors. In 2008, the president and founder of Urban Outfitters, Richard Hayne, donated 13,150 to Rick Santorum's campaign. Everyone knows about Mr. Santorum. Exxon a gas station extended equal opportunities to same-sex couples. They did this not because they believed it to be right, but because they had too. The Salvation Army has publicly announced through radio that they believe that gay parents deserve to be put to death. According to the article, Purina the dog treat/food company does not, "Currently, the company doesn't provide a policy that protects gender identity or expression, nor does it offer health care coverage for partners of their gay employees." These same employees get a discount on products. The Boy Scouts of America have publicly announced their stance on LGBT rights, and they are against them. However, The Girl Scouts are pro-LGBT rights.

As the reader looks over this article he probably has issues with these companies. On the other hand another reader could support these companies and their stance against the LGBT community and their rights. I had my mother read this article and she stated that, "it is almost laughable that same-sex couples are denied benefits at Purina but they get a discount on their companies products." I also had my best friend read this article just to see what she would feel, and as a reader she stated that, " A place like The Salvation Army being so hateful in their choice of beliefs and words is so shocking!" I was able to gather what outside readers would gather from this article. Although I do not have opinions from those who would agree with this article, one might think that these companies are entitled to their beliefs. The reader might also believe that these companies should not even hire LGBT people, especially since they do not reap the benefits anyway.

Maria Shropshire
1:02 PM 10/26/13

 7 Companies The Don't Support Gay Rights

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