Friday, October 18, 2013

Blog #6: Scattered by War, Syrian Family

Summary: Syria’s civil war has spread throughout the Middle East; it has also fallen into Europe. The number of refugees increase as the violence grows each day. It is becoming known as the worst humanitarian crisis since the Rwandan genocide. According to the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees, the number of refugees from January has increased to 1,078,881 recently. While some refugees have fled to Jordan, many have settled in cities such as Mafraq causing the population to increase immensely. Families are being torn apart and scattered throughout Syria, Jordan and other cities that they have migrated to by the civil war. Due to the work ethic that is in many Syrians, they have either found jobs or started businesses. Syrian refugees are forced to reorganize their lives elsewhere, despite their desire to return to Syria.

Analysis: Comparing the civil war in Syria to the Rwandan genocide should increase everyone’s concern. Due to its migration into Europe, there is nothing stopping the war from spreading further throughout the world. Also, the weapons that are being used have increased in lethality as the war continues.  It is beginning to look as if the war is going to cause a state terror, if it has not already done so. Also, refugees will soon be unable to flee which will force them to fight for their home. The U.S. has yet to get really involve in the issue, surprisingly. If the civil war continues to escalate past Syrian borders, other countries will be obligated to get more involved.

Gabrielle Hill



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