Friday, October 18, 2013

Blog #6: U.S. Prepares to Train African Forces to Fight Terror

As the war in Afghanistan begins to dwindle and die down the troops of the First Infantry Division at Ft. Riley are preparing for training missions in Africa. The Pentagons new strategy is to help train and advise the native people on how to identify and take care of the emerging terrorist threat without the help of the US. The First Infantry Division has over 100 missions planned that range from sniper teams to airborne exercises. The brigade has also sent a 150 man QRF force as additional security for the US embassies as a precaution. The goal of the program is to choke of insurgent cells before they have a chance to spread and grow. Thereby, also limiting the spread of extremist views and beliefs. Africa is the test case for regionally aligned brigades that will eventually expand to Europe and Latin America. The forces taking part of this were told ahead of time that the places where they will be deployed to are places that currently do not have an army presence. The plan is to make each group an expert on each region and to plan and make tactics that would better work in each particular part of the world. These sorts of missions in the past were only assigned to Special Forces groups such as the Green Berets. The Army knows they’re not teaching the natives anything new about the insurgents but it’s expanding their military capability and building lasting relationships with the Country.
After having talked about Violence, crime, and punishment in class I view this as an attempt to stop crime globally and to help ensure great terrorist attacks won't happen. Although I can see some repercussions to doing this. Every country has their own way to doing things and handling terrorist groups;thus, not everyone is going to want to conform to our way of doing things. Therefore, I think that it is good that we are adding to their forces' knowledge of their own regions to better help them fight against crime and to do this in a collective way that we can unite as one. However, I don't see us totally uniting as one because nothing like this has ever happened in our history. There will always be those few that wont participate and cause this not to work.
Kateland Patino

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