Friday, October 18, 2013

Blog #6:Uganda Fights Stigma and Poverty to Take On Breast Cancer

            A woman named Ms.Namata living in Kampala, Uganda gets her breast examined by a doctor because she has an abnormally large tumor that she admits to having for 4 years but never got it checked out. Having such large tumors is unfortunately not a rare occurrence in this no developed country. This happens because the women living in Uganda don’t have the proper health care or resources to be physically checked out to make sure they are keeping themselves in healthy standings. Public health experts increasingly say that these poor and undeveloped countries need to be able to improve the treatment of cancer since it is such a common issue. Worldwide, at least 7.6 million people die each year from some type of cancer and 70 percent of those people who die are from poor or moderate-income countries., according to the World Health Organization. The trouble with cancer is that people cannot afford the chemotherapy to make them or their loved ones better so they end up dying and not being able to do anything about their sickness. 

            The impact of the initial diagnosis of breast cancer, culture, religion, and psychological aspects of this disease are not well established. Having breast cancer comes with many different emotions so as Americans we cant even imagine being in that situation where there is no help for us from a doctor. It is very devastating when we as Americans cant really do too much to help people in Uganda that get diseases that we can cure on a regular basis. If people in Uganda can get better health care and resources from other countries then they can get the treatment they need to cure their diseases. This also comes with the lack of education in Uganda being that it is in Africa and many children and adults in Africa don’t have a proper education. If they got more educated teachers to teach the children math, science, and reading then their country would be more knowledgeable about health issue and how they can solve them.

Kaley Stapleton
October 18, 2013

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