Friday, October 18, 2013

Blog 6

Summary: In a particular section of Moscow called the Biryulyovo district, migrants come to the area searching for work in markets, as well as factories. These workers number in the thousands and come from surrounding cities and mountains. These people are treated in a way of discrimination by locals of the region by providing sub par living conditions. Last week a man was stabbed to death over according to officials, an argument about his girlfriend by a migrant. Police obtained a suspect but by that time, the news had already spread, and riots ensued. Drunken men and women stormed the markets looking for things to destroy, and when the police intervened, the angry mob attacked them instead. In that time more than 300 people were arrested and many others sent to the hospital. Ever since then, russian police have tried to calm down those offended by the migrants. Of the 300 plus detained, only 3 face charges, which led to the firing of the police chief and his immediate supervisor. Officials are providing new regulations that would make it harder for foreigners to purchase homes and apartments in order to keep locals happy.

Analysis: This is interesting due to the fact that we just talked about riots in Thursday's class. These particular people are upset over foreigners "stealing" jobs and taking advantage of the area. This particular argument seems to be very similar to how certain American citizens feel towards Latin migrants. This case also seems to hold some comparison to the Trayvon Martin case in the sense of a group of people outraged by a murder committed by a member of another race or ethnic group. Just like Trayvon, people we're outraged by the fact that it even happened. These sorts of riots and reactions seem to be prevalent not only in America but also all over the world. These people didn't like the way they were treated because of another group of people, and when the chance arose, they made their feelings well known.

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