Friday, October 18, 2013

Blog 6

There are homophobic views everywhere around our world. The anti-LGBT community has received much attention including violence due to Russia and the approaching Winter Olympics in Sochi. While we focus our attention solely on Russia for the past couple of months, we fail to see that these issues are everywhere, including here at home in the United States. There are more than seventy countries where being LGBT is illegal and five countries the death penalty exist for those of this community. Only a few months ago, LGBT activist Eric Ohena Lembembe was tortured and murdered in Cameroon. The peaceful meetings of LGBT communities in Uganda have been disrupted on numerous occasions. Here we take a look back at Russia when the article states that, "Attempts at pride parades in Ukraine have been met with violence." While there is also violence and those against the LGBT community, there are those who take a stand for this community and what they believe in. Around the world LGBT activist are voicing their right to peacefully assemble.

When reading this article the reader can see that violence is not only being used in Russia against the LGBT community. The reader can also see that violence happens around the world, and that there are numbers of countries who have striped the rights of the LGBT community. Russia is not the only country to blame or the only country that partakes in violent ways of "handling" the LGBT community. I believe as a reader no matter what your views on the LGBT community, one can see the harm and inhumane practices of countries around the world. The reader no matter what their beliefs would want this to end because violence is not the answer. According to our lecture violence is anything that can cause harm to someone. More importantly violence is not the answer and can be damaging to ones life. Those who believe that violence is wrong and a disgusting act would be against this act of cruelty, no matter their beliefs. However, there are those who are willing to back this countries based off of their religious beliefs, or personal feelings.

Maria Shropshire
9:10 AM 10/18/2013

Beyond Russia: LGBT Rights Are Human Rights Around the World

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