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Turkish School Girl Deported

Turkish schoolgirl deported

A young girl this week at the age of fifteen was taken of the school bus while on her way to school to become educated. The reasoning was she needed to be deported back to Kosovo. Many people in the community, and students were very outraged. They took it in their own hands and blocked many of the high schools around the Paris area. These two places France and Turkey are similarly related, and many things that effect ones affect the other. The government eventually came in to stop what was happening. With the people protesting the government system promised that they will look over the reasoning as to why she was taken off of the bus, during a regular day. It was found that the family was between Turkey and France for many years. Also her family came in to France illegally in the year of 2009. Her family and drained the legal appeals. Many people in the town feel like the head man in the government “Francois Hollander’s” went against there belief in tough migration. That caused the arrest of the young lady.

In a conference one of the spokeswomen stated “"If a school bus was indeed stopped and a child extracted in full view of her classmates, that is indeed shocking," she told RTL radio. “But today, it's not clear things happened that way."( Many of the students around the area protested in the streets and around the schools.  They were more than twenty schools where the Protestants were at. The students had many signs in the air the said “education for all”. At this time the young lady named Dibrani is now located Kosovo, and she wants to come back to France as soon as possible. Even though she and the family came to Turkey then France illegally she still refers to France as her home. The girls says that France is her home, because everything is there; family, friends and so on. Dibrani said that she felt so embarrassed in front of her friends and ashamed by this whole situation. After the fact her farther came out and admitted for lying the whole time. He basically said that his children were form Kosovo, and they are not. The government is not back down. They are totally against illegal immigration.

This situation really has come to me as a shock. They were sitting on the bus, and they just took her away. I thought about this situation many of times and I personally realized that all of this could have been handled in a whole different way. I felt like they should have waited until the young girl actually got to school. With all of this, she is missing out on education. That is the whole purpose of school. I am not sure about the whole reason the farther lied, but I know it might because he wanted to give her a better life. I don’t believe that the farther should have lied, but it could have been done differently so that the child would not have been so embarrassed an ashamed. On the subject of illegal immigration it is a subject that is going on all around the world. As much as we want people to have a wonderful they have to do it the right way. Following the rules is the best way to do that. When you think about the situation; if the farther had told to truth and followed the polices it would not have went this far. Overall this really hit the young lady the hardest; she in the right, but it was her farther that totally lied. Hopefully she will be able to recover from this. One thing that I know is that she will never forget this day. Maybe this  can be the spark to the fire that makes her want to get out and succeed even the more; no matter what people have to say about her.

Tess Smith

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