Friday, October 25, 2013

Blog #7: Abbas Talks Peace While Hamas Calls for War


 Israel is currently attempting to settle the dispute between them and Hamas. As the U.S. continues to persuade Israel into peace, Hamas is preparing for a war against the Jews. Abbas, who believed that the time for a peace deal was running out less than a year ago, is now allowing more time in an attempt to solve the issue.  Israelis believe that the Abbas regime is exploiting the conflict in order to concede the citizens. While Abbas is constructing a plot, Hamas Prime Minister Ismael Haniyeh is preparing a terrorist attack against Israel. They have fabricated a terror tunnel that has been recently discovered by Israel. It runs over two miles under the Gaza border. The tunnel, filled with explosives, extended to a small Jewish village located in Southern Israel.


The war between Hamas and Israel has escalated despite the continuous attempts to solve the issue. A war that was once based on resources has turned into a possible genocide. Not long ago, Israel was prepared for war, but currently Hamas has the advantage.  Not long ago, Israel was prepared for war, but currently Hamas has the advantage.  While Abbas is trying to persuade the citizens to be more involved as well as stall for more time, Hamas is putting their plan into action. Unfortunately, Israelis are caught in the middle of what seems like a dispute between Hamas and Abbas. According to my observations, both Hamas and Abbas will create issues to continue the war. It is becoming a war without a plausible reason.

Gabrielle Hill



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