Friday, October 25, 2013

Blog 7: Breast cancer increasing rapidly in the developing world

    In the developing world, breast cancer incidents are increasing. The chances of survival are currently very low due to late diagnoses and the fact that there are limited resources for treatment. In developing countries, the cases have been stabilizing or decreasing. In other words, the death rates were in fact decreasing.  In some countries, breast cancer is one of the major cancers a person can have. The women that do not die because of the cancer, may go through disability or have negative side effects that are results from the treatment they received. Many developing countries are battling with this issue because they lack the proper or up to date technology to deal with, diagnose, and cure cancer. The disease is an economic burden in developing countries. They also have a low consumer rate that discusses and goes into detail when educating women about the benefits that can come with getting screened for breast cancer annually.
     When I read this article I think of the effect that breast cancer has on my family. Almost everyone knows someone that has been affected by this disease but I never thought about how poorer countries deal with it from an economical point of view. The amount of money that poor countries can dedicate to one single disease is limited. I can understand why many women in the developing world are getting late diagnosis if any diagnoses at all. The lack of education about breast cancer and how important it is to get screened annually could be a reason why the death rates in other countries are raising. It is costly to make advertisement to tell women to get screened for breast cancer. It is also very costly to treat all the women that have breast cancer. A solution for this issue could be to send American doctors to other countries to assist with dealing with this disease in other countries.

Khadijah Tucker 

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