Friday, October 25, 2013

Blog 7: Disease To End War?

In Syria 22 people, mostly toddlers have contracted polio. This is the first outbreak in 14 years. The country is in outbreak response mode. More than 100,000 children are now at risk, since they were never vaccinated when they were born. The United Nations and World Health Organization have put their focus on rapidly vaccinating the country. The people that fled the country due to the war are also planned to receive the vaccine. Although these organizations are trying to track these refugees down, it seems nearly impossible due to the war. The chance of spreading polio is very high. These poorer countries run the risk of contacting contaminated feces with food or liquids. The disease is currently un-curable.

The good of the polio outbreak, I believe is the fear of polio could end the war in Syria quite soon. Polio is un-curable, which could instill fear into the people of Syria and cause them to end the war and worry more about the medical problem at hand. The bad of this situation is the people whom have already fled from Syria due to the war have already entered other countries, potentially taking polio with them. There are Syrian refugee camps in Jordan, Lebanon, Turkey, and Egypt. These countries need to stay alert and anyone with signs or symptoms needs to seek urgent medical help. Also these places must keep their water and food resources clean, and separate from Syria. With so many people from Syria in other countries, it would not be shocking news. This polio outbreak could potentially become a world problem and a mass outbreak.

Brianna Hunt
2:45 pm. Oct 25, 2013

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