Friday, October 25, 2013

Blog 7: Saudi warns supports of Women driving protest

In this article about the ongoing protest that women are taking to the manmade ban of women driving because it’s a “hazard”. This article shows the unsupportive side about the
Saudi officials that are threaten to arrest supports even those that are online. This is just all coming just before the protest is set to begin on tomorrow. Women have stated to get drivers licenses aboard in preparation to this protest. It says that this is not an official law but something made be men in the Saudi cleric who have so much influence over monarchy and politics. These actions could bring five-years or serious fines. It does also talk about something that women have been allowed to do in the last couple of year like sit on national council and vote. With all of that senior clerics are stil not letting up on the ban of women driving and changing code to allow women males guardians to allow them to travel. Tells about several peoples take on this in Saudi and its claim that it not discriminating towards women.
This article goes back on a recent article that came out a couple of weeks ago on this topic. Those women in this kingdom in Saudi Arabia are taking protest and action against the ban on driving. That they are just as equal as men in many things as well as driving and causes just as much scare when men are doing it compared to them. Taking to the internet and media website to fight against this ban and planning a big day of protest on October 26th yes just tomorrow. With women getting prepared; getting licenses aboard just for this day, getting supports near and worldwide. All for it to be subsequently shut down by Saudi clerics and officials that anyone even remotely mentioning anything about this day or protest even online could face fines and jail time to the amount of even five years. This is serious actions all against women driving crazy but true. You really have to ask what’s next.

Shelby Powell

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