Friday, October 25, 2013

Blog 7: "Syrian snipers target pregnant women, unborn babies, doctor says”

"Syrian snipers target pregnant women, unborn babies, doctor says”


In a video by CNN, it shows men, women, and children trying to outrun sniper bullets to go to the rebel-held areas. It is necessary for them to do this because food and provisions are located on the rebel side while their homes and families are located on the regime side. However, not everyone makes it. A medical volunteer in Syria claims that snipers are playing a new game and the target is heavily pregnant women and young children. The volunteer claimed that 90% of the surgeries he performed were on sniper wounds. The volunteer explained that many days the wounds are in suspiciously similar locations like on the same side of the woman's stomach. The volunteer believes there needs to be a safe corridor for the innocent cilivians to get vital supplies.

This issue deals greatly with inequality. Women and children being targeted by snipers puts them at a disadvantage to the rest of society. Women and children have limited rights in this region. They are being targeted soley on their sex and age. Not only are women and children treated unfairly in this time, but civilians having to pass an unsafe passageway just to receive necessary supplies that are vitial to their survival also deals with inequality. These people obviously are in a lower class of society and do not get the things that they need in a proper way based on their class in society. I agree with the volunteer in that civilians need a safe way to get things they need. There also needs to be more protection for innocent civilians.

Kasey Marshall

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