Friday, October 25, 2013

Blog 7: Taking Away Child Services

Today, there are more single mothers who need the services the government provides. Such as day cares for infants/toddlers and after school programs for the children in school. The centers were formally known as "Sure Start" centers. Giving younger children a head start on knowing the colors, numbers, etc. In New Jersey, specifically Essex County, there were proposals to close down children's centers. 11 centers will be closed and 37 will become "delivery sites". One of the mother's in the county was interviewed and said "I don’t think the government realizes how important these centres are to the community - they offer free activities, health advice and support on a range of issues from housing and breast-feeding to post-natal depression and looking for a job." As positive of an impact they have on a family as a whole, their own county shows no concern.

Most people only care about changes that are going to benefit them, not even thinking about others who depend on some of the things they take for granted, such as children's centers. I think the decision to close down the centers is selfish, and unfair because of how high the rate of single mothers have increased the past few years. Especially if it's just the child and his/her mother, where else would they go while their mom is at work? When a decision like this that is being made everyone in that area should be thought of and that's the problem. The only persons benefiting are the ones who have enough money, or family to fall back on when something like this happens.

Tyera Fisher

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