Friday, October 25, 2013

Blog 7- Natalia Alexander

In northern Syria snipers are targeting pregnant women, unborn babies and young children. In one instance a pregnant mother was shot in the stomach and the bullet went through and pierced through the baby’s head. The mother survived but the baby didn’t.  David Nott, a British volunteer surgeon says the snipers are playing a “targeting game” when it comes to the victims and heavily pregnant women are on the hit list. When saying heavily pregnant women it would be women who were seven, eight, nine month’s gestation so you anyone could tell that they were pregnant. In pictures provided by Syria Relief there are young kids with head wounds from the snipers looking no older than five. Nott, states that while working in the hospital 90 percent of the surgeries would be sniper shots and some days out of 10 or 15 gunshots wounds eight or nine of them would be targeted in one spot. One day it would be in the left groin only and the following day it would be in the right, almost as if it was a game between the snipers. In a video obtained by CNN from Aleppo, women, men and children are seen tying to outrun the snipers bullets. Many would try to outrun because of the food sources would be in the rebel-held areas while they stayed in the regime-controlled side. Not everyone made it through.

This is a serious issue but the crime rate there is insane and the fact the people can’t walk around freely without worrying about getting shot is ridiculous. Pregnant women and young children shouldn’t have to deal with this. Being a woman now and planning on becoming pregnant in the future this is a scary thing to think about. Innocent people being killed in never a good deal and these snipers need to be brought to justice.


Natalia Alexander


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