Thursday, October 24, 2013

Blog 7: Education problems for children of Syria

The war going on within Syria has caused the displacement of many and this has also caused deaths among 110,000 Syrians.  The article talks about the numerous amounts of people fleeing the area and the numbers are in the millions.  Not only have children lost the home in which they live but they have lost their childhoods and sacrificed better education because of the war.  Lebanon is where many Syrians are fleeing to, there is a refugee camp set up there.  The article goes on to describe a story about a girl living within the camp named Batool who used to go to school back in Syria, she had great dreams of becoming a teacher and now she no longer attends school in Lebanon.  Most children living in refugee camps spend their time working in fields in order to earn money for their families, the women and children do work in the field picking beans for money. The money they earn picking beans in the field is minimal and barely enough for one person to get by with and families living here may only have this as a source of income.  The father of Batool knows the importance of education and only wants the best for his children and he finds it difficult to have his children working in the fields instead of getting an education.  The number of children living in Lebanon is somewhere around half a million and children as young as seven are working in the fields. A local charity is helping the UN to give education to these children by creating make shift schools in which there are 22 set up in the area. The issue is many of those children have to work and go to school, but now are acquiring some education. The article goes on to state that the future of the Syrian Refugee children is uncertain.
                How is the war creating social problems for Syria? As we can see from the article it is displacing many people stripping them away from being educated. The area in which many have been displaced is poor and they must work in fields in order to survive. The children there aren’t getting educated and even with the new schools created by the UN, we aren’t positive they are being educated to high standards because of funding.  The lives that many of the children could have achieved living in Syria were crushed by the war, Batool may have had a chance of becoming a teacher now that dream may very well be crushed.  The war is creating lower levels of education and Syria because of the war cannot fix problems with education or advance. Also, we don’t know if the people will ever have a chance to return back to Syria to complete their education. What happens to their people, do they continue living a poor lifestyle because conditions back home are unsafe?  Will the children be able to rise out of poverty and create better lives elsewhere? The answer to this is only if the education they receive is enough to allow them to advance. They will need necessary funding to send these children through school.
Name: Sarah Vestrat
Date: 10/24/2013
Time: 5:12 PM

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