Thursday, October 24, 2013

Blog #7: Nations looks at EU to Curb illegal migration

Nations look at EU to curb illegal migration

Among nine other nations, Greece leads the task force in curbing illegal immigration into their respective countries by appealing to the EU leaders in the coming Summit in Brussels this week.  These European countries have dealt with the grunt of illegal immigration due to their location. They are seeking the EU to play a more active role in tackling the amount of illegal immigrants arriving at these European nations.
The core of this proposal is held by Greece, Cyprus, Malta, Italy, Portugal, Spain, Slovenia, Croatia and Hungary. This proposal is expected to be accepted by the EU’s leaders as they will become more active in order to help these nations.
This group has heralded a new task force which has innovated the way in which initiatives get their problem across in the most effective and political way possible. This group is pressing the claim that the EU should be more cooperative on border control and monitoring with the agency known as “Frontex” which would help the countries struggling with the influx of immigration going on.
This influx into Greece by illegal immigrants via its land borders has seen a decrease dramatically in the recent year or two due to Frontex and its work at monitoring the borders to keep the key points of entry occupied and controlled. This does not mean that immigrants still aren’t arriving, they constantly arrive via the Aegean, the new migration reception centre has brought some order and control to the Aegean Island which is really struggling at the present time in handling the numbers.
This current issue of migration/immigration has shown how the modern day world should politically work together to control the flow of illegal immigration. This group of nations have led the way so that in future cases other counties may handle this issue in a similar way.
James Dougherty

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