Thursday, October 24, 2013

Blog 7 "Smog's in Harbin"

 Harbin is a city best known as “the Ice City,” its temperatures can reach as low as -40F in the winter. The city will have to provide heating for at least six months because of the extreme weather. Smog’s from heating coal have been so heavy, policeman have to signal cars in the driveway. Many schools, roads, or airports have been shut down. The winter heating systems by burning of coal was responsible for the caused. To lower energy usage, the city spent 1.1 million dollars to supply residential building with additional five layers of wall protection from the freezing temperature.
            Now, China is the leading country in the consumption of coals, over 70 % of coal burning runs the energy China use. The dense pollution can cause heart and lung diseases in people that have shorten the life expectancy by 5.5 years younger. “The level of fine particulate matter, or PM2.5, in Harbin's air this week reportedly reached 1,000 micrograms per cubic meter, exceeding the World Health Organization's daily target level by a factor of 40.” Beijing and cities nearby are not so different from Harbin; they were noted as some of the most polluted cities globally. 
            China will need to discuss this matter seriously and develop new plans to attack this issue. Though this issue cannot be easily solved, it will need to be cleared up because people’s lives are affected. It caused the depletion of the environment, a major concern need to be address. Regardless of what happens, heating 24/7 is required for almost every household or else the people will suffer. China will have to find cheaper and natural gas to warm up the city and lower pollution.    

 Mailee Vue
October 22, 2013

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