Thursday, October 24, 2013

Tuberculosis Around the World

The spread of tuberculosis has been brought to our attention by WHO (The World Health Organization) the recent numbers for deaths in 2012 is 1.3 billion people.  According to the article, the amount of people dying from TB is almost 100,000 down from the previous year, but still it affects a lot of people. The article also said that 8.6 million people last year were infected with TB, 100,000 less than the previous year of 2011.  Places TB occurs include China, India and Africa, China accounted for 12 percent, India at 26 and over a quarter in Africa.  WHO launched initiatives in 1995 and were able to save 22 million lives and 56 million were treated.  The main concern right now is that tuberculosis is becoming multiple drug resistant and a new drug will not hit the market until 2025.

However, three out of four drug resistant cases of MDR-TB go undiagnosed.  A large amount of people in 2012 became ill from MDR-TB, about 450,000 and mostly in China, India and Russia.  MDR-TB alone killed 170,000 people last year.  The other problem with TB is it requires 8 billion dollars to properly treat and contain a year in low and middle income countries. How is this a social problem? This is affecting a large amount of people in this world and is second to HIV/AIDS with toll of infectious diseases.

 The disease can become debilitating especially in low-income and developing countries. It can become a drain to the health systems, lessen the amount of people who can work, push people into further poverty and leave children homeless.  The action that needs to be taken is costly, because information and care for TB must be available in these rural, poor areas that often do not have clean water to drink or food to eat. People continue to live in a cycle of poverty and illness. The solution is to raise awareness around the world and charities or more funding should be allotted for this cause, along with HIV/AIDS. These diseases keep the low-income countries poor and in poverty, that and lack of resources along with education. 

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