Thursday, October 31, 2013

Blog 8: Polio breaks out in Syria - WHO warns it could spread

For the first time in 14 years, There has been a polio outbreak in Syria. Which makes it that much worse, because with the civil war taking place there its even harder to keep the disease in check. In the past year alone thousands of people have died and many have fled the country, either became they have lost their homes or because they want to be able to find refuge somewhere that is safe. It is usually the children that get impacted by this disease and it can be prevented by getting a serious of shots, 4 to be exact. There have been 22 cases reported and WHO is currently in search for more outbreaks. Doctors are hoping to eliminate this disease, making it just the second one to get eliminated, behind small pox.

It sucks that not only do we have to worry about the civil war that gets dragged on in Syria but now we have to worry about a Polio outbreak there too. As time passes the chances for it to spread became greater for the simple fact that it is being spread when people migrate elsewhere, and if military troops were ever to have to go in there then the chances of people getting infected could increase. its as easy as being passed by touching things. Luckily we have a vaccine.

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