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Educational Rights for Turkish Women

Educational Rights for Turkish Women

There have been many different education reforms in Turkey, but the women are still not receiving education as much as the men. With the different reforms that were six main principles that they went by. Two of these principals went right along with educations which are: Secularism and Revolution. These two were a very important aspect with helping with education. The principals as a whole are known to as: Kemalism which is what they go. “Kemalism was one of the main reasons that education and literacy increased and spread around girls and boys ‘equally’ after the establishment of the Republic” ( process for women to have the same education, and be equal to the men has been a problem for many years. The problem has been a slow process. Eventually it has become the duty of the government to provide the right equal education for both male and female. The principles that they are going by are respected very strongly. There have been times when they have tried to get rid of them. One of the major reasons they claim that women are not receiving education is because the lack of the funding in Turkey for the public education.

Also in Turkey the primary schools are offered, but many of the girls cannot attend due to religious beliefs. This is the begging of the unequal right to the women. This is a problem that is usually located in the eastern areas of the country. A student named Tolga described that he has seen many effect around the world that dealt with education, he stated that round the eastern area is the worst, and it had affected many families in many ways. Places that are rural they have a harder chance of racing education like everyone else. A lot of the people that are located on the eastern part of Turkish are the ones that will likely only finish primary education. In the article it states that “The gender role in rural parts is more pronounced than it is in urban parts. Many girls don’t receive any education although it is unconstitutional, and this is mainly due to the parents and what they call traditional (”They are continually coming up with different reasons why women are not offered education, one of the other reasons are that the areas do not have enough facilities to hold the women to be taught, and the amount of education: which they believe they cannot afford.

 When reading this article I really could not believe that there are still places that don not offer equal right education. To me they are still stuck back in the day in which the women were the ones that stayed in the house, and the men were out.  The little girls don’t even have a chance to think about education, because their parents make that decision for them. Their reasoning for not letting the girls got to school is for religious reasons. Even the primary school that is offered in the younger age, some of them won’t even be able to receive that. I feel that they are trying to keep women back. In those certain areas they look down on the women. Women rights are something that is not heard off. The isolation is the key for them. These women are becoming weakened daily, because they are living by what people are telling them what to do. I can see as women if you decide you don’t want to go to school, and receive education, but they don’t even have a voice to express how they feel. The want to make sure the men stay in control, become educated and continue to be the dominant ones in the communities. Something has to change. I absolutely know that there have been women that did not agree with this, and let to get educated. I absolutely feel very compassionate for these women, because I know they want a life of their own. Hopefully soon they will realize the importance of education, and they will understand that women need to be educated just like the men, became it is a natural right; which is offered to everyone rather you take it or not.

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(I quoted two items from the article: titled (



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