Friday, October 25, 2013

Blog #7:In Syria, Doctors Risk Life and Juggle Ethics

            One morning an anesthesiologist named Majid was surprised to wake up to a big explosion sounding like it was right beside his house. He rushed to the hospital where he worked to realize that many patients had rushed in because of itchy skin, burning eyes, and shortness of breath. Majid collected many things including a bird, leaves, clothes, and urine samples to prove to the Syrian American Medical Society that there were chemical attacks happening in Syria. It took Syria a long time to get the word out about the chemical attacks but when they finally did, the United Nations inspectors were wanting to help by destroying Syria’s chemical stockpile to prevent anymore chemical attacks from taking place. Chemical warfare was begging to become more popular in Syria starting with small attacks accumulating into big attacks where many Syrians are killed. The Syrian war got very dangerous to health officials because they were targeting hospitals, medical personnel, and transports. This put 600 doctors in jail and 100 of them being killed. Syria’s health care is decreasing rapidly leaving it in shambles so no one has access to hospitals. Many mothers cant get their children vaccinated and patients with different diseases struggle to get medication to cure the illnesses they may have. Secret hospitals form to give outreach for the people who cant get medications but then many people here about these and start bombarding the hospitals with their illnesses from the chemical attacks.
            In the United States we could never imagine waking up to big explosions hitting our country. We feeling like we are protected by everything so hearing that Syria is having all of this trouble with nuclear weapons just seems unreal. In the United States we can go to the hospital and get treated for anything no matter what but because of these attacks in Syria on their hospitals making then ineligible to get treated. It is a good idea to destroy the stockpile of nuclear weapons that Syria is keeping in their country just to keep everyone safe and at peace for the most part. Nuclear weapons can be a very dangerous way to be fighting with a group of people or even another country. No matter how mad or irritated someone is with another group, it should not lead into nuclear destruction. Killing doctors is very unheard of in the United States and surely in Syria also so when many of their doctors got murdered it was a complete shock. Syria is smart to make secret hospitals so people can still get the much-needed help that any person deserves.

Kaley Stapleton
October 25, 2013

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