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Turkey hires teachers from Northern Iraq

Turkey hires teachers from Northern Iraq

The Turkish recently came up with a series of reforms that states that school can know be offered the chose to the choose Kurdish as a language that will be taught in all of the schools systems. They also are making sure that the classes and subject are taught in the private schools. Since these reforms are being implemented; the education system has the opportunity to hire teachers that are from Northern Iraq. It was stated by the education leader named Minister Asmat Muhammad Khalid “that the KRG government is ready to dispatch Kurdish-speaking teachers to Turkey if necessary.”( Minister Asmat Muhammad Khalid was very happy and pleased that the reforms had worked out so well that the schools systems are now able to be taught in the native language. One of the universities stated that it is a humans right that they are offered education in their mother tongue. They researched all of this that came along with education in motherly tongue. Many people feel that Turkey is a way behind other people that have already made sure the education departments are taught in the, mother language. Since they are late comers the might be considered one of the newer developing countries. With this the compared there selves to other countries. They basically said that other countries have already and continually promoting and becoming better in the education.
Many countries are way farther in education, and technology. The community feels that even though they might be late in the game they still have that right to be taught in the mother tongue. They would not give of anything to change that. They feel that it is very important to them to have the opportunity to be taught in the mother tongue. They are glad that everyone from now on has the accesses to be taught in their mother tongue. The completely know that this is an internationally right for everyone, no matter where you are located. The education minster Minister Asmat Muhammad Khalid said that approximately two years ago they were trying to get a system started at one of the colleges near in town. They really were never able to implement it in the town, but now they have the chance. Since it has been officially implemented there is stated to be more than five-hundred graduate students at Mardin University that will be taught in the native language. The education department has made sure that everything will go smoothly in the transition into the native language.
This has been a long time coming for Turkey. Many of the communities have been trying to work out how they will insert the native language. Everyone has to have to be offered the opportunity to learn in the native language. I am personally glad that they have to opportunity. Many places and other countries are not developed, but that is a wonderful that they have all the sources that they need. The first thought that I found out that they were implement the native language was that I was very excited. The wonderful thing is that the native language is not just for the local lower schools, but they are implementing it in college. The good thing is that some of the students will be able to pick up on a language that they have never known. Many of the parents were very happy, because they wanted to keep their native language alive. Who’s to say if they have never offered the native language to the students that the younger generation would have never learned the native language? This is something that the community is very proud of and they should be. Even though Turkey has waited a long time to evolve that are finally here in the new age. As long as it has been I know they are glad the new regulations have been implemented. All of this that goes along with the implementing of the mother tongue really took the community effort. This shows you that the community really had a strong feeling on having the mother tongue taught in the schools and colleges, they have worked very hard with this. In the end it is worth it, because the students are being taught in the native language; which was the whole point.

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