Thursday, October 17, 2013

Blog 6: “Court sentences 4 men to death in New Delhi gang rape case”

“Court sentences 4 men to death in New Delhi gang rape case”
        An Indian Court system recently sentenced 4 men to death for gang rape to a 23 year old female in Delhi, India. After boarding a city bus, the bus driver and 5 men on the bus took turns raping her and assaulting with a metal rod. When they were finished, they dropped her body on the side of the road. The young woman’s injuries were so severe some internal organs had to be removed and she died 2 weeks later at a hospital in Singapore. There is a lot of anger about the assault and debate has begun about women’s treatment in Indian society. With violence against women rising, “government passed tougher anti-rape laws, introducing the death penalty for repeat offenders, and imprisonment for acid attacks, human trafficking and stalking”. However, many have stated that mindsets and enforcement of these laws have been slow to enforce.
        Crime against women and lack of enforcement in society is result of inequality of women in India. According to Indian government statistics, a woman is raped every 22 minutes on average. This is a result of being a patriarchal society where men have more power than women. With crimes against women on the rise in India, many protestors hope that this new sentence and laws will put fear into other criminals. Since the attack, government figures show the number of women reporting rapes has risen significantly. India needs a turning point in their crimes against women. Their gender roles in society should not result in fear and being inferior to men.
Kasey Marshall

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