Thursday, October 03, 2013

Blog 4:Progress in Syria

        Syria still is continuing to use chemical weapons in their civil war, however it is unclear to which side is using these weapons, the government or the rebels. There is progress going on, there are currently inspectors in Syria. The inspectors were sent by the United Nations, whom previously tried to make a deal with Syria, but was halted by Russia. These inspectors hope to have plans made by November 1st to destroy these places where chemical weapons are produced. An incident occurred Tuesday where a hotel where the inspectors had previously stayed, had a mortar shell dropped in.  This was a big deal due to the fact that in the most secure areas violence, and terrorism is possible. With the threat still possible the United Nations wants to resolve Syria's problems as soon as possible, however it  seems as if it might be a long haul.

         Syria is being forced to make progress, but this is good for the right's of humans. They do not really care about what the United Nations has to say due to Russia having their back. Syria never agreed to to dismantle their arsenal of chemical weapons. Terrorism continues and Syria's war is not ending anytime soon it appears. As of now the United States, the United Kingdom, and France may not have to intervene, due to the inspectors in Syria having plans to make plans to destroy chemical weapons by November !st. However, Syria could always reject these plans and war could potentially break out over this issue. With violence being in acted towards these United Nations inspectors, the deadlines not being met, or the inspectors having to abort this mission is a real and serious possibility. With our government in a shut down, the fact of us going to war has been put on a back burner, along with the United States being concerned with Syria's issues.
Brianna Hunt
Blog 4
October 2, 2013
6:10 p,

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