Friday, November 15, 2013

Blog 10- China does a "180" on air pollution policy to combat its deadly smog.

This week, China is finally stepping up to the plate and tackling its air pollution problem.  With scrutiny from its citizens and the world, the government is finally stepping up after dragging their feet for the longest time.  In the past, China is said that they would work on cleaning up the air pollution, but it might take a few years to taking action immediately.  China's environmental ministry has created its own pollution monitoring program that is considered to be very well-run.  

This article discusses specific blogs and how they are reacting to the situation.  Chinas air pollution crisis has created much of a to-do in the blog world.  Isabel Hilton runs an environmental news website called China Dialogue.  Hilton says this about China's change in view.

"There was a time, maybe ten years ago, when people were almost proud of smog because it was a sign of industrialization, and becoming a real country.  We have problems of modernity rather than problems of the middle ages, so we call this progress.  But that moment has definentally passed and these very serious episodes have brought terrific pressure on the government.  If you are the only power, you also are the only people to blame and they know that."

This article also mentions air pollution problems in Tehran.  Schools there have been closed and government work days has been shortened to endure this smog.  This smog has caused 4500 deaths in the city and 8000 in the country.

This is not a problem in China, it is a problem for the world.  People everywhere really need to get on board to clean up the air that we have or there will be disaster.  Wars could break out over clean air. Socially, breathing clean air is a basic right.  People can not live if they can not breathe.  It is our responsibility to stop scrutinizing and pointing fingers and help our fellow human being.

Lillian Brown

November 15th 2013 at 3:55 pm

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