Friday, November 15, 2013

Blog 10: English Proficiency Falters Among the French

English Proficiency Falters Among the French

After a museum opened up in Marseille France it became apparent that many French citizens do not know the English language. Though the museum has a European history some of the exhibits were presented in English. Others were amazed to realize some of the students had no idea how to read the language. Statistics show that France is one of the European countries that have low proficiency when it comes to understanding English. English is one of the basic forms of communication say experts and there have been debates to put English as a language back into the French school system. It has been brought to the attention of the schools that adult English proficiency is below the average rate. High schools have not been teaching this properly but with America’s influencing pop culture it has also been noted that English is rarely used. 

Unlike in France in America students are taught another language whether it be French or Spanish. This is a basic necessity that is required in all high schools before graduating and some are even making this a must in middle school. It is important that students at least know one other language with as much diversity as there is all around the world. English is indeed the basic language of communication and many countries are making it aware to their citizens that it must be known. Without the proper knowledge of English it can be detrimental as one gets older and realizes it is too late to learn the language. Schools should be enforcing it at a younger age since it is easier to comprehend and speak a language with high proficiency. Countries today work together to teach its students other languages and France should do the same if not more to improve their English proficiency. 

Emily B. Lewis
2:28 P.M
November 15th, 2013

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