Friday, November 15, 2013

Blog 10: State of Education Address on Keeping Promises, Placing Students First

In Guam, the Department of Education Superintendent Jon Fernandez looks back and recognizes the educational achievements over the past year. Some of the most notable achievements include schools reopening facilities, new Science Technology Engineering and Math classrooms, playgrounds reopened, and investments in renovations of schools that desperately need to be updated. Fernandez said, "And we stand here with a promise to never let this happen again,to never leave such a negative legacy for our students" (State of Education). Millions of dollars are also being invested in new technology for schools, such as laptops and wireless internet connections. The Superintendent is also asking the local communities to become involved in rebuilding schools. The students of Guam are noticeably scoring below average on tests and the changing of tests, standards, and curriculum is being discussed as a solution to the problem.The vision for the future includes having effective teachers, support for engaging in literacy and math during primary years of education, access to technology, and safe learning environments for students (State of Education).

This is a push toward helping future generations, something that is occurring on a global scale in today's world. Education is now being valued as one of the most important aspects of life that an individual can invest in. Governments, citizens, leaders of communities, and even students are all pushing for better education, recognizing its significance and how it can change the world and the living situation in many countries. Countries are aiming toward better technology so that they do not suffer from cultural lag and adjusting standards and curriculum so that students are not left behind in the dust and cannot adapt to the changing world. This also shows human capital theory, which says that education can be considered an investment in human capital, producing more efficient people and more productivity. If this play out to be true and education is highly invested in, then theoretically this can boost economy's around the globe and bring good economic standing to many countries, potentially shifting the power in the economy as well.

Tara Cook
November 15, 2013
2:41 p.m.

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