Monday, November 11, 2013

Blog 10 "Solar Planel creates positive changes to Europe nations"

With the rising prices in electricity, Europe countries like Germany have turned to photovoltaic generation. They have seen successful results and environmental benefits with the change to solar panels. “Compared with electricity from coal, PV electricity over its lifetime uses 86 to 89 percent less water, occupies or transforms over 80 percent less land, presents approximately 95 percent lower toxicity to humans, contributes 92 to 97 percent less to acid rain, and 97 to 98 percent less to marine eutrophication,” Close to the end of last year, they have installed photovoltaic that meet about 30 million household families’ need of energy and at the same time saved over 53 million tons of carbon dioxide emissions. Because the prices for solar planes are actually cheaper, it is easier to distribute to major of the population. They are able to add Photovoltaic to homes or buildings for just one euro per a watt. This will be a challenge in United States because it will be a lot more expensive.          
Like mention earlier, solar planes seem to have great benefits to European counties, but there are many countries that will not be able to supply PV. Whether those counties are underdeveloped or are unable to afford Photovoltaic for their population. The United States for example, will need some law enforcements changes in order to supply photovoltaic for the larger population. Though Photovoltaic seems effective in European countries, it might not be so to other nations across the global. There needs to be a variety of options available for countries to choose how to solve the issue of greenhouse gas emissions.

Mailee Vue
November 11, 2013

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