Monday, November 11, 2013

Blog 10: The negative effects of banning child labor

According to the online news website Business Insider, the banning of child labor in countries with a large number of its population under the poverty line has negative effects on the result of the campaign itself. The NBER conducted a survey regarding the number of child in the work force after the implementation of child labor policies and the results astounded the surveyors as it was shown that more families actually send more than one of their children to work or to pay off debts after the laws made it difficult for companies to hire underage children. One country that has a significant amount of child workers is India, which just a few years back passed a law that prevents children from not only working in hazardous environments but also in food service situations. The study also shows that child labor increased at least 12% after the laws have been passed.

The number of child workers all over the world is on a continuos increase, and although there are a lot of non-governmental organizations working to help better the conditions of these abused children, the laws that were implemented still backfires its supposedly good effects.

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