Thursday, November 14, 2013

Blog 10; North Korea Denies Military Aid to Syria

Brittany Brooks
Blog 10

After the United Nations and other countries found evidence of North Korean involvement in Syria, the North Koreans denied sending military aid to the Syrian government. North Korea said that the information leaked about them was false. They had been accused of having helicopters operating in Syrian territory as well as having artillery officers working with Syrian government. North Korea also had links within the Syrian chemical weapons program; however they are still claiming that they are not having any form of involvement in the fight against the rebels. Turkey intercepted gas masks and weapons sent from North Korea to Syria a few months ago. Even though North Korea has denied this information, the United Nations is going to continue its monitoring of North Korea due to these accusations along with the fact that they are known to be strong allies with Syria.
Whether or not North Korea is truly involved with Syria in helping them fight the rebels, North Korea has not had the most reputable reputation. They have made open statements in the last few years regarding their possession of chemical weapons. The United Nations may never know for sure what exactly North Korea's involvement with Syria has been, and therefore they are only able to draw conclusions with the information and facts that they do have. The United Nations just wants to find a way to end the Civil War in Syria so that innocent people are not continually killed. If North Korea is truly helping fight the rebels they are only going to make it that much harder for the issues with Syria to ever be truly put to rest.  

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