Thursday, November 14, 2013

Blog #10: Morocco enacts migration reform

Morocco enacts migration reform

The Moroccan government has announced their plans for regulating up to 40 000 illegal immigrants as part of their new Moroccan Migration policy which was introduced in September. It has been stated that 850 immigrants who are considered asylum-seekers will receive the benefits of a legal resident automatically. There are sex more categories for foreign nationals that are covered under the regularization operation, Morocco intends to run this between the 1st and the 31st of December of 2014.

There are categories for those who are spouses of Moroccan citizens must still be able to prove that they have at least lived in the nation for roughly 2 years and there is the chance for foreign couples who have resided in morocco for at least 4 years will benefit. Obviously children of both categories will also receive the benefits as well. Along with people who have valid working permits of at the lowest 2 years duration. Along with the workers there is the ill that have become seriously ill whilst being in Morocco will also receive the benefits.

A way for them to value and regulate each case is that they have set up a bureau for each prefecture, along with a national appeal committee will be set up as well.

Morocco is in the situation where they have made it very clear that they want to deal with this immigration issue, where they have 25000 to 40000 immigrants from sub-Saharan countries along with other countries around the world. For this new plan to take place, there has to be the infrastructure and systems in place to regulate these amounts of people. Obviously the immigrants are really happy with the news that has come from this article, this gives people the opportunity to live in the country they want to if their case goes through. It gives people like the example used in the article of Franck a 28 year old Ivorian national who has resided in Morocco for the best of 5 years. He has always aspired for a legal status and has been working as a builder all this time even with a law degree.

This new policy should bring out all of the fear from the illegal immigrants where they can finally get the chance to be legally residing citizens. It can be assumed that this will help there economy as a greater population can lead to greater economic growth, does this mean that Morocco can handle this? Well the government seems very confident that they can handle these immigrants, time will tell.

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