Thursday, November 14, 2013

Blog 10; Syria: The End of Chemical Weapons Equals Starvation.

           Syria left in shambles from war has now been left with little food supply for their population. The country has faced the lowest wheat production in three years. Now the president Bashar al-Assad has to find a stable food supply. Assad has found a trade partner, but he plans to sell these good with a high profit margin... for his personal gain. Assad has done this by using his friend's companies that are being found out then magically disappearing. This inner circle of close, personal friends has commented to the media that the government is not making any money, and they are only doing their part to help Syria in desperate times. The U.S. has attempted to send food to Syria, however the United States have been blocked and president Assad continues to use those that are "helping out", by charging high rates for food that they desperately need.

           Without a stable food supply more people will migrate out of Syria, or simply die of starvation. The fat that the president is trying to cover up high profit for his inner circle may only add fuel to the fire of the war that has only begun. The rebels are already strongly against the government, then they go and fraud the people. All of the chemical weapons are gone and the plants to make these weapons are destroyed, however war and terror still continues. With the war continuing the country is not making any money, or exporting any oil. Without one of our oil sources and the government only pissing off the rebels the war may be long, and as a result our oil cost may rise. The war will affect not only Syria, but all of the world, and only time will tell when the fighting will be over.

Brianna Hunt
2:00 pm Thursday, November 14, 2013.

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