Saturday, November 16, 2013

Blog 10

About a couple weeks ago in the Philippines was hit by Typhoon Haiyan. Waves of water, and winds that were strong enough to snap a tree ended up killing at least 3,633 people. More than a week after there were still families left to survive on their own. The U.S brought in medicine and water to remote for the battered areas. Even though some people were getting the help they needed there were still over 1,000 left unattended in other parts of the Philippines. Places like Tacloban,  Palo, and Tanauan had to survive off of biscuits and get rid of the dead bodies themselves. Also had there own citizens that had to provide aid the best way they could until help showed up. 

I understand that when something like this happens help can't get to everyone at the same time, but having people still suffer weeks after shouldn't happen either. I think governments should have something, maybe money and shelters, on stand by just in case a disaster this big ever happens. It takes a while for a town/city, etc to recover from something like this, for example hurricane Sandy survivors are still recovering from something that happened a year ago. So, i feel like people should have a place to stay and food to eat until everything starts to clear up and get back to normal. When you're in the same situation as the next person and they're getting the same help that you and your family needs could have a negative impact on the community. 

Tyera Fisher
1:37 p.m

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