Saturday, November 16, 2013

Blog 10: Air Pollutiion as a Heart Threat


Air pollution is a subject that scientist are now beginning to focus on, and have found startling and shocking news. They are now finding evidence that air pollution is beginning to harm the human health. The scientist has recently focused a great deal of their attention on lung disease, as well as cancers. The World Health Organization has just announced that air pollution is now the most treacherous environmental carcinogens. It is shocking to know that air pollution also has a major role in heart attacks and strokes. Somehow air pollution is able to cause cardiovascular disease as well. It has been recently studied that many of the particles that drift in clouds, are tiny; yet very powerful and harmful to our health. It is a form of unfriendly gases that are filled in the communities in which we live. Researchers have found that these fine particles can infiltrate in your lungs, set in your tissues, and causing a tumble of inflammatory effects. This inflammation can then spread to circulatory system, and change the way that blood vessels function. It has also been studied and reviewed that vehicle emissions are also thought to include a high amount of fine particles, going deeper into the body causing issues. Evidence has also been found that these ultrafine articles have an unusual high surface area, which allows other contaminants to attach onto them. In result of this the particles that enter our body from the pollution can also be toxic compounds from the polluted air.


This evidence is very overwhelming, and shocking. I always thought that health problem were caused by the things we eat, or hereditary. However to find out that human health problems are caused by air pollution is very scary. Anyone can be a victim of this, and the sad part is that no one was aware of this, and more than likely still are not. It seems to be that one of the most effective responses to this problem would be environmental regulation. It has to be something that the world must change, such as air purifiers, or absorbing particle barriers like Dr. Adar from this article has stated. But unfortunately that will not be enough. This has to be a change made amongst everyone, and once it is, it can really help our health, and save lives.
Courtney Brown
3:00 pm

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