Saturday, November 16, 2013

Blog 11: India's Slave Daughters

India's economy is now the tenth largest economy in the world and the largest by purchasing power parity (PPP). However, poverty and slavery is still a reality for millions of Indian children. One of the common reason this happen is the extreme poverty that most of the population in India is in, to pay family debts and also human traffickers that usually kidnaps their victims from train stations. One specific case was the situation that a young Indian girl a few years back. Her name is Durga and both her parents died early leaving her and her three older siblings in their grandparents' care. However, her relatives could not afford to feed all them and was forced to sell the youngest for 1 Euro, Durga. She was originally promised to be treated well and provided for but what greeted her was the hostile actions and inhumane treatment of the family that bought her. According to reports and Durga's own testaments, she was beaten almost everyday and was not allowed out of the house. She also recounts the horrors that she faced whenever she made mistakes that extremely angered the family.
India's population is at 1 Billion, and 12.6 Million of those are minors from age 5 to 14. At the same time, there are still cases of births that are unreported and this affects the efforts of the Indian government and other national and international organizations to stop the wide spread slavery in India.

Additionally, a CNN report claims that there are more or less 30 Million modern-slaves around the world today and there is a huge chance that most of these disadvantaged citizens are children. It is an incomprehensible that slavery in any kind, shape or form is still being tolerated in many developing countries around the globe.

Trisha May Antonio
4:30 PM

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