Friday, November 08, 2013

Blog 9: China's Polluntion May Have Devastating Effect On Sperm Count, Fertility

In this article is shows light to what has been spoken about in the last week. Population and the population in one of the world’s largest countries China. Schools are closing not only to the birthrate is china but also because of its pollution problems have become a grave threat to the children. The smog so high that now children are being diagnosed with lung cancer, but even worse doctors are noticing a lowering in sperm count. Sperm banks now feeling the hurt and have now become 1/3 of the World Health Organization standards and partnering that will about the 12.5% of people that are now infertile. All this is being pinned on the fact that the environment is bad and gets worse could damage mankind. Now that all of this is hurting their potential population amount it has all become a big problem for China. That now being all fertility and other serious health problems are not arising due to pollution in water as well as air. China population grows exponentially but now thing are set to changes say that article.

This article is show the grave danger that we all could be in every country around the world. China is the biggest exam why things should change just for that reason stated the biggest. For it being one of the largest countries in the world and it population being effect because of at first they population lowering the amount of kids because population got to large not it’s not large enough, now it population being threatened by pollution one because the smog is effecting children and shutting down schools but also changing the sperm count and possibly causing infertility and even worse lung cancer in the youngest, coupled by lifestyle disease that are most likely heighten by all the bad population. If this is not a sign that one of the largest countries are now having these problems then what else is because this one thing is for sure that this may be a domino effect for others taking a toll on other places.

Shelby Powell

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