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Turkey Aims to End Mix Sex Education

Turkey Aims to End Mix Sex Education

The prime minister of Turkey is totally against the mixed sex education in the school systems. The minister’s main purpose is to take away forever the mixed sex education. Stated in the article that “Male and female students do not even live in the same dormitories, they are already separated. But his main concern over this issue is not mixed sex dormitories; his real intention is to abolish mixed-sex education,” (hurriyetda- concern of the prime minister is not that the dormitories are mixed is that he does not believe in the whole idea of there being and providing children with the sex education classes in the school systems. The public had a strong reaction towards this subject. The main reasoning of the public being upset not that the minister is strongly against the use of a condom, and the way the males and females are living in the same household; which they have not been married, and should not live together anytime. The main reasoning of the prime minister decision has to do a lot with his morals and beliefs in life.

Many of the head leaders felt that the schools are basically is misinformed about the students that are currently in the dormitories. They are really locking down on having all the males and female students that are accompanied in many of the dormitories. The children that are in these setting do not feel anything wrong about how they are grouped. They are being more dormitories mixed things that are common to them. This is how the day and age is. The leaders are not for this at all. Larders in Turkey also feel that if the dormitories do not have enough space then that problem has to be put on someone else. The main blame for this situation coming about is Turkey’s housing development administration. They are the main source of why the people mixed sex buildings are coming about. They are the blame .The question that has come about is that they don’t understand why they continue to build if it has been a constant problem. The prime ministers and the people that are in his league are trying their best to change the whole situation.

 With this article I have mixed feelings, because I thought about when I was younger. I had the sex education class in all the years’ elementary, middle and high school. I could think that as a child I was a very ashy person. I did not like the talk. When we had our sex education class in elementary school they separated the girls and the boys. I really think that was necessary, because at that age we all are learning about our own bodies. Showing the bodies and educating them on the young ladies bodies would be too much. They have their own bodies to learn about for a certain amount of time. Also at the age I really would not have felt comfortable if there were boys in my class. I would have been weird to me and not comfortable. When I got in my middle schools years that are when we had both boys and girl, but what I notice know it that it wasn’t as detailed and descriptive and picture’s as when we were in elementary. They cut a lot of things out when I was in middle school, because parents weren’t really a big fan of having the children taught about sex education. May of the parents wanted to be the first ones to tell the children about those things and have the special talk that we always hear about.

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