Friday, November 08, 2013

Blog 9: Cut in Food Stamps Forces Hard Choices on Poor


This article discusses how the decrease in food stamps creates a tough struggle for the poor. Many people whom rely on food stamps are being forced with hard choices, and decisions on how they will now survive. For some this food stamp cut back, has no concern, however for many Americans who depend on food stamps this is hard and devastating. The kitchen may become empty for many, especially towards the ends of the month when they are trying to make money stretch further than what it can. People are having to cut back on the amount of groceries they are back; such as one gallon of milk instead of stocking up on two. This reduction in benefits has effected many lives; this appears to be the biggest decrease in the program, since the Congress passed the first Food Stamps Act in 1964. A source that is a part of the executive board at a Food Pantry in Bronx, New York has said that close to sixty new families have visited this Food center in the past week, simply because they are in need of food and have nowhere else to turn.  This reduction in Food Stamps will save the government five billion dollars next year. In 2009, families were receiving 13.6 percent more in food stamps. This was a part of the federal economist stimulus pack. It is scary to say that more than likely Food Stamps will be cut even more in coming years, but only if the Congress is able to agree on a new and improved farm bill.


This article is very informative of how people are living today. Many people think that poor is only considered to be people who are living on the streets with no roof over their head, or shelter, food, and clothes. However there are different levels to being poor. Someone can have a job, but in America it is becoming harder each and every day to live without worrying about how something else will be paid. When one is living from pay check to pay check, this can also be considered poor, or not too far from it. Food Stamps help many Americans out, and with this cut, many are having to stress and think about how they will feed their children or pay bills; because money that was once being spent on bills and etc. is now also having to go toward food. I feel that the government should consider this when reducing food stamps.
Courtney Brown
11:35 pm

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