Friday, November 08, 2013

Blog 9: Somalia

Last Friday eleven people were killed and over a dozen were injured in a Mogadishu hotel because of a car bombing attack. The bombing was heard throughout the city. This particular hotel not only provided a comfortable stay for the elite but it also had a restaurant and coffee shop. Immediately after the bombing police and security forces secured the area. This area is popular with elite people and politician. On the day of the bombing the hotel was hosting VIPs. The article stated that “ Mogadishu is frequently targeted with suicide and car bombings carried out by al-Qaeda-linked Shebab rebels”  Government officials believe that these rebels are fighting to impeach internationally backed government. This is not their first attack. The attackers were responsibilty for the massacre in the shopping center in the Nairobi which left 67 individual dead. Not only has Kenya’s military stepped in but the US Navy Seals have intervened also.

Somalia is a country that lacks a government system. For there to be a bombing in the nicest area of the city makes a lot of since. The Shebab rebels are trying to prove a point and destroying what is nice is suppose to open the “government's” eyes. The rebels know that this is the area for the elite, for politicians and they probably also knew that there would be VIPs in the area. Somalia, N. Korea and Syria will continue to be places that experience civil war until there is a legitimate government, good public policy and recognition of other countries. By improving these things it can decrease war within the country. Also implementing better laws will decrease the citizen from performing hate crimes. The Shebab rebels have killed over 100 individuals. How many people will they have to kill for them to stop? Before there is a change?

Jasmine Lea

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