Friday, November 08, 2013

Blog 9-China's air pollution blamed for 8 year old's lung cancer

China's massive amounts of air pollution has been known to have adverse health effects on its citizens.  It is an issue that the entire world is paying attention to.  This week, and eight year old girl was diagnosed with lung cancer, breaking the record for China's youngest lung cancer patient.  The Guardian calls this case shocking.  The doctor's say that the cancer has to do with the high levels of air pollution.  The girl lived by a busy road and was exposed to particulate matter 2.5 pollution on a regular basis.

More people in China die each year from lung cancer than any other type, and in October, the World Health Organization (WHO) said that air pollution was not only bad for the respiratory system, but that it was also carcinogenic.  There is ample evidence, according to WHO and it is especially prevelent in developing countries.

This week, the Chinese government continues to see the problem and take action.  Education is a highly valuable asset of Chinese culture, and the government said that schools would close when the air pollution reached high levels.  It also said that it would take other measures such as restricting car use and closing factories.

Socially, this record is not a good one.  The youngest person in China to be diagnosed with lung cancer is eight.  That is a significant thud for China's world reputation.  It is good that China is taking initiative to combat the growing air pollution problem, but what really needs to happen is the empowerment of women.  There are too many people in China and that is one reason why there is so much pollution, especially in the cities.  The world should focus on educating people about these dangers and provide them with safer alternatives.

Lillian Brown

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