Friday, November 08, 2013

Blog #9 Hamas: New Terror War ‘A Matter of Time’


There is current conflict between the Jews and the Muslims; the Temple Mount and Al-Aqsa Mosque are both located in Jerusalem. Although The Jewish activists are protesting for equal rights, Hamas is attempting to declare a holy war on Israel’s Jewish population. There have been several raids on the mosque that could eventually instigate a terror war. The Hamas s making accusations that Israelis broke into the mosque to scope and speculate the area Wednesday morning. Jewish groups are not permitted to visit the mosque, therefore making the assumptions seem less plausible. This conflict has limited the Israeli Jews from commuting to the Temple Mount safely. Police have not only escorted the Jews, they also arrested a Muslim gang who initiated firebomb attacks at the holy site.


Religion has been in the center of almost all wars since the beginning of time. It is the current destruction of the Israeli nation. The media has stated that the war could possibly turn into a terror war, however, it has already begun. The destruction of the holy site has nonverbally declared war. Due to the improbable amount of Jews compared to Muslims, it may not be a war that they can afford to risk. The Hamas is continuously causing problems, but their motive is still rather unclear. I am aware that they are attempting to eliminate a group of people as well as enforce their power. However, the Hamas could evoke attention without instigating outside interference. Although their reasons may appear minuscule, their overall scheme could be disastrous.  

Gabrielle Hill



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