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Blog #9: Migrants to add 5.8m to bulging Britain

Migrants add 5.8 million to bulging Britain

Immigration is looking like the main force behind Britain’s booming population with a number set at 10 million rise within the next 25 years which in itself would make a city equivalent to London. The Office of national statistics has released that the population is set to rise by 9.6 million by 2037 which would raise the population to 73.3 million people. A 60% increase which is equivalent to 5.8 million people is linked to immigration either from new arrivals or people having children when they arrive or settle in Britain.
The British Prime Minister will come under great scrutiny after the pledge he made which was to reduce net immigration to “tens of thousands”. Now they are expecting 165000 migrants per year, each year until 2037.
This new data has come from growing concerns over the new wave of Bulgarian and Romanian set to enter when the current restrictions are lifted. This new wave will bring in 50000 people a year moving into the country. This leaves Britain with a massive issue; they are experiencing and set to experience unsustainable influx of migration for their current carrying capacity.
Sir Andrew Green, who is the chairman of Migration watch UK, has said “the figures underlined the need to have a net migration target and stick to it”... he then goes onto say “These latest projections confirm that we are still on course for a substantial increase in population”.
The ONS (Office of National Statistics) have also predicted an additional 4.2 million immigrants to come post 2037. The children of the immigrants would count for 1.6 million of the rise in population. These statistics show that 1 in 5 of the pupils in primary education are speaking another language at home.
This growing number of the population also addresses the other issue of lack of schools to hold all these new people, they just don’t have the infrastructure to hold this many.
This social problems related to this issue for Britain can be related to the educational sector, the education needs to improve so that skilled British people can enter and compete with the immigrants for the work. Currently it is just an open field for immigrants and until the skilled British people improve, the population will continue to grow in terms of net immigration. It has been found by the government that one fifth of jobs in the key industries are taken up by immigrants all because they are ready and skilled to work over the British.

James Dougherty

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